Congratulations Gina Moraga!




Peoples Bank is proud to announce Gina Moraga is our July Employee of the Month, chosen because she “Works Well Under Pressure”. When Gina joined Peoples Bank in late 2014 she brought over 13 years of prior banking experience to the table. From day one here she’s been the Loan Assistant to AVP W. Chance Abbott, so it is in this role she’s shown she can handle all the time sensitive projects that come her way. This particular strength is just one of the reasons Gina was also our 2016 Employee of the Year.

Gina enjoys her work, and flashing her trademark smile is quick to tell how much she enjoys her co-workers too. “There’s lots of comradery among us. We share lots of laughs, and plenty of teasing in good humor.” And regarding the teasing, Gina can dish it out as well as she takes it!

Gina, the employees and officers at Peoples Bank congratulate you on this, your third recognition as our Employee of the Month.  Be prepared though, because with all your wonderful traits we’re sure your name will be called out again soon enough for another well-deserved recognition.